Close more deals, faster

Let AI guide your success with lead completion recommendations and automatically populating leads. Seamlessly integrate your emails and effortlessly manage communication.

Industry templates ready-to-go

Create and utilize industry-specific sales pipeline stages. Swift comes with a prepackaged set of form templates that cover a wide range of industries. Form templates are where you can establish your sales flow and conveniently maintain multiple versions of the template.

Auto-populate your lead database

Automatically populate leads from major lead stores such as Lusha, Apollo, etc., and utilize them to create Swift projects. Benefit from AI-powered lead completion recommendations with our latest tech.

Gather leads from various sources

Source your leads directly from other sites and push them directly to your CRM.

Get all your conversations in one place

Seamlessly connect your email accounts within the app and access your inboxes. Configure any third-party-supported email account for hassle-free communication. Experience the easiest way to send emails to customers and efficiently organise your inboxes.

Create stunning quotes in seconds

Simplify and accelerate your quotation process with our comprehensive solution. Effortlessly create professional and customised quotes, saving you valuable time and effort. Bid farewell to manual calculations and formatting woes as you embrace a seamless quoting experience like never before with our all-in-one solution.