Powering Your Business from Day One

At ZONE, we provide an all-in-one subscription offering a suite of comprehensive business solutions, from sales and lead generation to accounting, compliance, and marketing, for startups and small businesses in India.

No need to use dozens of 3rd party apps

Zone packs in all the essential apps your business needs to function, without requiring any additional paid software.

Built-in Industry Standard Templates.

Our templates are crafted by top experts and are perfect for your business, allowing you to get started quickly.

Designed for Small Businesses.

Created for small businesses looking to leverage modern technology and move beyond traditional spreadsheets.

Close more deals with Swift.

Boost your sales productivity, effectively track leads, and enhance customer engagement, all within a user-friendly interface.

Fulfil your order with Surge.

Assists businesses in managing their order fulfillment process, from documentation to tracking, ensuring a seamless experience.

Stay on track with Minutes.

Take detailed, organized notes during your meetings and ensure no crucial point is missed. Minutes allows for easy categorization, search, and retrieval of past meeting information.

Template Builder

With the template builder, you can easily customize your pipeline to fit your specific business needs without needing to know how to code. There are various pre-built categories available to help you get started.













Zone is an excellent choice for business owners.

We believe that everyone can achieve financial wellness through education and smart financial choices.

Visualize your data with ease

This can help businesses make more informed decisions and identify patterns and trends that may not be immediately apparent otherwise.

Affordably scale your app as users grow

This means that as your business expands and attracts more customers, you won’t have to worry about the costs of incorporating additional software to accommodate the growth.

Create quotes that your customers will love

With this feature, businesses can ensure that their quotes are accurate, professional, and visually appealing, helping to build trust and confidence with their customers.

Our mission

We created ZONE to help small businesses worldwide access technology easily and thrive in the digital age.

Helps build inter-discipline within the organisation

By fostering collaboration and communication between different departments and teams, ZONE aims to empower businesses to make more informed decisions, identify patterns and trends that may not be immediately apparent otherwise, and ultimately grow and succeed in a competitive market.

Tailor the application to fit your business style at no additional cost

One of its standout features is the ability for businesses to tailor their applications without writing a single line of code. This means that businesses can customize the software to fit their unique business style, making it more efficient and effective for their specific needs.

More essential apps coming soon

Our goal is to create a comprehensive solution that meets the needs of small businesses. We are confident that ZONE will become the go-to software for small businesses across the world.